First storytelling homework was to make a 4 page comic about anything. The only things were that we couldn’t use any form of language and it also must set in an area that is recognizable.

I have to admit i kinda like this for onceeven though i literally scribbled the last 3 pages 2 hours before class began oops

Which is why you should never EVER procrastinate kids, especially if you wanna be a cartoonist/sequential artist

and for those who are wondering about the story behind this, it’s basically me getting lost in Central Park for about 1 and a half to 2 hours while trying to find the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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practicing on painting for commissions i’m gonna eventually set up


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i was kinda feeling down today and looks like the expression transferred over to him oops

but i think i’m finally happy with his overall design and color scheme!!

…though i’m gonna bet that i’m gonna say it’s horrible tomorrow and completely re-do it orz

Edit: I just realized that i keep forgetting he’s left handed

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i wanted to draw Steven looking cool for my desktop but then this happened

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hahaha i fuck’d up

I drew a Looger

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Happy Birthday to my precious children!!

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Laurent is about to conjure forth!


Happy birthday you nerd

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haha i spent all night making this for visual computing class….

it was originally about 80 something frames, but i had to cut it down to 51 frames because drawing part took WAY too long *flops*

i also had to simplify my OC’s outfit so i could finish the assignment as quickly as possible, and for the sake of my sanity……..

and then i completely bs’d the last frames because i ran out of time
EDIT: uploaded a shorter version, mainly because i really hate how the last part looked oops

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quick speedpaint thingy

happy birthday you stupid disney princess frog

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storyboard project for visual computing class