haha i spent all night making this for visual computing class….

it was originally about 80 something frames, but i had to cut it down to 51 frames because drawing part took WAY too long *flops*

i also had to simplify my OC’s outfit so i could finish the assignment as quickly as possible, and for the sake of my sanity……..

and then i completely bs’d the last frames because i ran out of time
EDIT: uploaded a shorter version, mainly because i really hate how the last part looked oops

#emey's art #seriously this took way too long and by the time i finished it was already 6 am #emey's OCs


quick speedpaint thingy

happy birthday you stupid disney princess frog

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storyboard project for visual computing class


i think i’m at the point where i dont know what i’m doing anymore in my painting class

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dear magic conch,

will I ever have a consistent coloring style?

magic conch: not anytime soon

#emey's OCs

movie poster made in photoshop for my visual computing class

starring my little sister and the alpaca

#emey's art

(should’ve probably made this earlier but who cares)

so i just got off from work and i had to go clean the car a bit since there was some snow on it except

i forgot my dad took the snow brush cleaner thingy with him

so i had to clean most of the windows with my hands like in the gif

then i realized how stupid i must’ve looked since i caught one of the guys at work staring at me from across the street

#tales of emey's life

decided to fix it by changing the hue of the overlay and fix his highlights in his hair



bara flamingo morgan

i blame the skype chat

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Basic comic interpretation - different camera angle 

#future reference #art